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This website wants to present different information about the Ephraim Carnegie Library and about media in general. Especially nowadays, a heterogeneousness of media develops. Ephraimlibrary.org wants to mention books in general as well as the bestselling books of all-time.

You want to visit foreign countries? Here you will be informed about the best and most beautiful libraries in the world. Which are the differences between libraries from various cultures? Is there the possibility to get educated about the same content?

Furthermore, newspaper, new media and social media are presented on this website. The newspaper is, aside from the book, the oldest medium, which informed its readers about current news and occurrences. The first newspaper was printed in 1605 in Strasbourg. In the United States of America, the printer Benjamin Harris published the Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick in Boston.

Other media are, for example, the book, radio, television and the internet. Another important topic is the purview of Social Media. It describes on the one hand web-based and mobile technologies and on the other hand communication into interactive dialogues.

Nearly every internet user owns at least one account on a social media platform. This is a form of communication, which becomes more and more important nowadays. As well, a new type of working and coverage develops by means of this social media.

You want to study Journalism or start your career as a writer or journalist? The website Ephraimlibrary.org reports about the best countries and places on earth to do so. The works of a writer need to be multimedia. A journalist does not only publish his articles in printed newspapers. Especially online, a great user community, which wants to get informed about currents events and other news, steadily develops.